VoIP Dialer IVR Services

Starmark Consultant™ Unified IP provides OUTBOUND predictive dialer functionality that delivers the capabilities you need to make your outbound collections, sales or telemarketing strategies successful. Our auto dialer technology allows you to better manage and direct call volume. This can improve efficiency for your employees and decrease wait time for your customers. Learn how our predictive dialer technology can transform your business.

Starmark's predictive dialer capabilities help you maximize revenue opportunities, reduce delinquencies, improve contact center productivity, enhance customer service, lower the incidence of data entry errors, enhance security and comply with regulatory requirements. The wide range of capabilities empowers agents and speeds response times, which ultimately increases productivity while reducing costs, increases customer satisfaction, gets you up and running faster.

Our outbound predictive dialer functionality allows you to:

(a) Deliver proactive contact across multiple channels, including voice, short message (SMS) & email channels
(b) Enhance auto dialing flexibility
(c) Improve high availability, footprint and performance
(d) Improve right party contacts
(e) Ensure you are reaching the right customers at the right time via the right media
(f) Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer

SCON™ Unified IP supports critical, high-volume INBOUND Automatic Call Distribution for customer contact strategies in both traditional circuit-switched infrastructures and software-only IP environments. These ACD systems help contact centers streamline their customer-facing business processes and drive results. Our Unified IP inbound capabilities help increase customer satisfaction. The inbound automatic call distribution capabilities of Starmark Unified IP allow organizations to deliver customers to the appropriate resource the first time, segment customers and enable appropriate service prioritization, deploy agents cost-effectively no matter where they are located, as well as manage both session initiation protocol (SIP)-based, voice over IP (VoIP) agents and PSTN-based agents from a single, all-in-one contact center platform. We are also on the lookout to constantly update our systems to deliver high performance with H .323 protocol as well.

Our Inbound automatic call distribution (ACD) system routing functionality allows you to:

(a) Increase flexibility and dynamic control over inbound ACD system capabilities
(b) Leverage unified communications (UC) to enable agents to search for and engage experts with Ask an Expert
(c) Virtualize and scale enterprise routing rules and call distribution
(d) Utilize advanced routing, dynamic skills and flexible announcements
(e) Take advantage of the Unified Agent Desktop with a user-centered user interface (UI) and workflow scripting

Starmark's dedicated focus constantly revolves around Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRs), but not limited to, automated communications including multi-channel, mobile self-service and communication-enabled proactive outbound. Our Triple Cloud offering is a single, yet versatile, platform providing three deployment options (cloud, on-premise and hybrid). Starmark's fully-integrated solution is unique in unifying the three most important facets of modern contact center management: customer interaction management, workforce optimization and back-office. SCON™ IVR technology helps the world's most demanding contact centers seamlessly align their people, processes and touch points.

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