Starmark's Workforce Optimization enables the systems and people involved in critical customer service functions to share information, work together, and ultimately deliver a better, more cost-effective customer experience, driving higher results with optimum Customer service experience.

Our uniqueness to address a broad range of contact center functions are listed below:
(a) Workforce Optimization
(b) Quality Monitoring
(c) Recording
(d) Workforce Management
(e) Performance Management
(f) Desktop and Process Analytics
(g) eLearning
(h) Coaching
(i) Speech Analytics
(j) Text Analytics
(k) Employee Feedback Management
(l) Customer Feedback Surveys
(m) Time and Attendance
(n) Fraud Prevention and Identity Authentication
(o) Data Protection Act (DPA) Guidelines
(p) Six Sigma Protocol adherence

SCON™ also provides the business and technology expertise to bring Microsoft SharePoint, CRM and Lync platforms together with unified multi-channel communications and effective people management to enrich customer interactions. Starmark transforms call centers and extends call center solutions with a versatile foundation for next-generation customer contact with benefit of our 12+ years of experience, helps tailor technology to the special needs of your business, to realize new levels of cost savings and productivity gains.

Starmark delivers solutions that transform key business processes and unite your enterprise with next-generation customer contact to build, enhance and sustain stronger customer-company relationships. These solutions drive improvements in critical areas including:

(a) Customer Experience
(b) Customer Service
(c) Debt Collection
(d) Telesales
(e) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
(f) Back Office Processes
(g) IT & CIO Enablement

Starmark's customer contact and workforce optimization software can enhance business processes throughout your organization by incorporating unified communications (UC) collaboration and other Enterprise technologies. Our UC applications for customer contact are built on feature-rich, high-availability, next-generation platforms that fully leverage real-time communications and intelligent workflows, enabling you to maintain best practices while engaging Consumer through the channels they expect, including social media and mobile devices.

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