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Top quality B2B & B2C marketing data from more than 20 different lists for perfectly targeted marketing, Starmark provide trustworthy up-to-date data for you to easily:

Target New Customers
Identify Key Decision Makers
Develop Targeted Sales Leads
Increase Sales & Your Market Share
Gain Maximum Coverage For Lead Generation

Starmark Consultant™ offer the largest coverage of workplaces, households and contacts in various countries by aggregating many local top notch data sources.For Marketing to deliver results in today’s economy, organisations must plan and execute interactions that provide the customer with the best possible experience. To achieve this companies must understand the needs and preferences of individual customers and contacts, deliver insight to marketers at the right time during the customer management process and be able to action the insight at each of the customers preferred touch points.

Our solutions integrate and augment all communication channels, they are tried and tested with a diverse range of companies, from Hotels and Gaming to Finance and Retail benefiting from these systems. Our deployment is flexible as we can host and manage our client’s solutions or simply provide ownership and support if that is all that is needed. In all cases we are happy to provide the training and support to make our clients self-sufficient, alternatively outsource and run the whole database marketing function. Some Key Solution elements are listed below:

Automated, cleansed, deduplicated and augmented Single Customer View
Descriptive and predictive analytics
Marketing campaigns and campaign management
Email, Mail, Web, Telephone, SMM and SMS channel execution
Closed loop analysis
Dashboards & Reporting
Data Provision
Strategic and operational Account Management

Customer Insight:
It is a train of thought customer analytics with integrated reporting and dashboards. Single platform for analysing, understanding and segmenting your customers. Marketers view of the customer ecosystem including all attributes, transactions & behaviour. Implemented on your site or hosted by us, fully supported no matter where it is. It helps in Understanding your customers, from key attributes to buying behaviour. Greatly reduce manual data manipulation. Vastly improve marketing decisions, both strategic and tactical.

Campaign Management:
It is a Strategic, tactical and trigger driven best-practice communications planning. Scheduling, automation and execution across any integrated marketing channel. Response attribution and allocation to furnish accurate measurability. Implemented on your site or hosted by us, fully supported no matter where it is. It provides full integration between insight and execution, across any channel. Greatly reduce manual processes and data transfers. Ability to test and learn, iteratively improving results. Improve measurability, accountability and marketing governance.

Prospect & Customer Profiling:
Proven, analytical profiling of your customers and prospects. Driven by your most recent campaign results and customer/prospect data. Serviced deliverable requiring minimal effort from your resources. Helps in Identifying key customer & prospect segments that respond and drive revenue. In-depth reports focus on improved decision making and iterative improvement. Recommendations for acquisition, targeting and data usage.

Data Hygiene & Enhancement:
Customised business services to prepare your data for marketing use. Address cleansing, customer matching, de-duplication and enhancement. Tailored to your needs, your business and your objectives. Provides re-usable clean and trustworthy customer data asset. Improved deliverability across any channel. The benefits of skilled channel partners of Starmark, best-practice use of industry data sources, whether local or global, for over 25 years.

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