Starmark Consultant - An Overview


Starmark Consultant™ founded in 2009 has been the backbone of success for many IT & ITES (BPO/KPO) companies. Majority of the Operation is run from the Philippines and also from India. Starmark has also developed partners across the US, UK, El Salvador, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mexico, canada, Russia, Portugal, Brasil, Ireland, China, Japan, Nepal, UAE and Jordan.

At Starmark, we provide Complete Business solution from setting up a Contact center or Development facility to rapid Business expansion with the least risk and high ROI method. Our operating verticals are very Interesting and we always ensure that both the Buyer & the Seller are at a Win Win situation. Starmark has also successfully designed techniques which are the most effective in IT & ITES form of business where CRM tools, Payment Gateway & wholesale A-Z VoIP services (CC termination & Voice routes) are absolutely essential. The rates offered are unmatched and quality of service (QoS) is A+ guaranteed. Our services have been Tested, Appreciated and eagerly Adapted by business partners across the Globe.

Our Team comprises of Veterans from the field of Core Engineering, Architecture, IT & ITES. Together we have built a platform so empowering that every challenge we take up results in high degree of Client satisfaction. We want to make sure that we 'go the extra mile' to deliver Quality work ensuring we build long term relationships.

SCON™ has a proven approach which results in actions which lead to significant operational improvements by focusing the organization to meet top management's needs. This is accomplished by looking at the total spectrum of the business function, the technologies utilized, and the overall steps and plans which will help the organization succeed.

Starmark's principals and consultants bring to the practice strong backgrounds in data processing in a wide range of industries. The result is the ability to apply specific expertise to unique situations. Starmark has defined a matrix which shows how Information Technology needs are able to adapt to enterprise needs quickly in the ever-changing business environment. Five basic business requirements and the necessary IT capabilities and responses are:

(a) Quick Time-to-Market: Ability to roll our new applications and technology is expanded with the use of System-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
(b) Restructuring business due to merger, acquisition, or divestiture: Ability to add, change and eliminate IT operations thru an effective design and implementation of a structured IT Infrastructure for both networks and data/contact centers.
(c) Integration of IT technology with business operations: Ability to implement and operate on a 7 by 24 basis for all application, application support, network, and processing operations. This included having integrated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans implemented.
(d) Compliance with mandated security and financial reporting requirements: Defined policies, procedures, and processes which quickly and efficiently support business operations without hindering to overall effectiveness of the processes that are put in place to support them.
(e) Maintain an ROI which is supports the long-term objectives of the business: Metrics that are tied to the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) the enterprise and are supported by defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Professionalism, Discipline & Courage are our Virtues. We wish to partner with like minded people/companies - Who are passionate about Success, who we can share knowledge with, who we can partner as a friend and with whom we can build long term trust. If you are looking for a reliable & committed partner who work with all their heart then 'DO' reach us today!



We were referred by one of our partners' to use Starmark's service. In our case they met an extremely aggressive timetable as promised, and with top quality results. We continue to use their excellent Outsourcing capabilities driving quality results. Good company, a must to have on your side!

Pauline S - Manager, Top Retail Company, UK

A well run, well managed, highly proficient company. Starmark's level of programming is top notch, they understand how to implement all our requirements quickly, efficiently and on budget. We recommend Starmark on professional level to any company that needs Internet & Mobile application development.

Susan M - CFO, Multi Channel IT Company, CA

Overall, Starmark have been very conscientious and able. I believe they have the ability and skills to work with other United States big companies, as distance or language was never a factor. I strongly recommend Starmark for any IT or Call Center Outsourcing needs that is consistent with their core competencies.

T Farrell - VP, Telecom Company, AU

Recommending Gary and the Starmark team is easily done. I smile when I think back to the concerns that I originally had with the statement of work for this company, and my attention to the detail in the agreement. We’re getting solid performance congruent to what was promised and consistently.

Michael M - Marketing, Financial Company, UK

We can't compete with your innovating strategies and so instead of re-inventing the wheel we now seek an arrangement to send all our voice traffic through your company. I strongly recommend Starmark for any VoIP or Call Center Outsourcing needs. We look forward to save a few more thousand dollars every month. Keep up the good work and lets do good business.

R Bradley - Distributor, Telecom Company, AU
Contact Center

Contact Center

Surveys, Appointment, Lead generation, Sales, Customer experience management and Customer service are vital to every business.



Starmark's Workforce Optimization enables the system and people involved in it, to share information and work together.


Database B2C B2B

SCONS™ offer the largest coverage of workplaces, households contacts in most countries by aggregating with top data sources.


Merchant Services

When you partner with Starmark, you receive high level of service and security from the Best payment processing companies.



Starmark's speciality in VoIP & Dialer Solutions and Pricing is unmatched, even by the leading companies operating across the globe.